Allegra Phillips

Executive Assistant

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

“As the newest member of the Brendle Crouse P.A. and Brendle Financial Group family, I can attest to the warm and welcoming nature of this team of amazing, talented people.”

Allegra joined Brendle Crouse P.A. and Brendle Financial Group in early 2017 to help with the administrative duties of the tax season and never left! Comfortable with the tax side of the business, she is now cross-training on the financial services side of the business. Allegra is passionate about organization, efficiency, and preparedness, all qualities essential to keeping an office running smoothly.

Prior to joining the team, Allegra studied Financial Services at Forsyth Technical Community College. Originally from New Hampshire, Allegra lives in Winston Salem with her husband Marco, their young son Marcellus, and dog Percy. She enjoys drawing, road trips, and time spent with family. She and her husband are avid vinyl record collectors and love to spend their time together shuffling through the dusty bins of record stores for special finds.